Trinkery was born out of Rogério's hobby, which he put a lot of emotion into when crafting his 3D printers. He saw an opportunity for a viable business there. By combining the sustainability of raw materials with unique design, Trinkery came to life as an e-commerce platform focused on selling one-of-a-kind products.

Goal: The big idea is to make these products accessible to those who are not immersed in the 3D printing niche. Producing directly for the end consumer, who often isn't as interested in the process of production (3D printing) as they are in the final product.

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Why do I exist? (Purpose)
To connect people to a sustainable, customizable, and creative world of 3D printed products. 

How do I behave? (Personality)
I am charismatic.
 I am fun. 
I am communicative. 

What do I believe in? (Values) 
Always prioritize fun. 
Guided by creativity. 
Promote sustainable thinking. 

What do I deliver? (Positioning) 
Unique and personalized products that are incredibly creative and convey the brand's fun essence.

Brand Voice
Casual, friendly, and enthusiastic. The language is accessible and relatable to the audience, conveying a fun and engaging atmosphere. Trinkery aims to communicate in a cheerful and captivating manner, reflecting its positioning as a brand that offers unique and personalized products with a touch of fun.

All the good trinkets
Have fun with us (and don’t forget our products!)
Saving you from this boring world
Release your funniness

Branding Direction: Diego Mourão
Brand Strategy: Joyce Lima
Logo Design and Art Direction: Klayton Fadul
Case Art Direction: Alison Almeida & Klayton Fadul
Case Copywriting: Joyce Lima
Motion: Klayton Fadul
Client: Trinkery
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