Challenge: Transforming the Escritório Inteligente brand into a modern, powerful brand with an aesthetically pleasing look that primarily captures its target audience.

Escritório Inteligente was born from a clear purpose: to transform, empower, and give protagonism to the accounting profession. Through its method, it manages to convert a large volume of operational work into strategic data for accountants to interpret.

Objective: Updating the brand's visual and verbal identity so that it is consistent in its communication and essence.

Brand Platform
Why do I exist? (Purpose)
To transform and empower the accounting profession through our method and, of course, reinforcing our culture of collaboration and continuous development.

How do I behave? (Personality)
I am very helpful and focused on the proposed objectives.
I am a dreamer, believing in change and the evolution of people and processes.

What do I believe in? (Values)
Empathy is our key with people.
Passion in solving through our processes.
Innovation in technology with simplicity.

What do I deliver? (Positioning)
We convert any financial system into accounting, enabling accountants to become protagonists as consultants and managers of the data coming from the platform.

Tone of Voice:

For decision-makers (companies) - Convey seriousness without losing the modern essence of the brand, with a gentle tone.

Accounting professionals - More casual language, making them feel embraced by EI (Brand Name) and building that relationship of trust. More energetic tone.

Employees - Casual language, always reinforcing the company's purpose, deepening emotional bonds. Closer and welcoming tone.


The intelligence of technology in accounting.
Make your accounting intelligent (main).
Together with you, changing your accounting.
Counting smartly.

Branding Direction: Diego Mourão
Brand Strategy: Joyce Lima
Logo Design and Art Direction: Klayton Fadul
Case Art Direction: Alison Almeida & Klayton Fadul
Case Copywriting: Joyce Lima
Motion: Klayton Fadul
Client: Escritório Inteligente

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