DCVMN (Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network) is an alliance of 42 vaccine manufacturers from 15 developing countries. It aims to protect global populations against infectious diseases. DCVMN supports and strengthens vaccine manufacturers, increasing the availability of high-quality vaccines from emerging countries. The network stands out for its commitment to member support, growth, and fast-paced assistance. Its clients include vaccine manufacturers, suppliers, government, and public organizations. DCVMN is known for being reliable, responsible, responsive, innovative, and collaborative.

Project goal: DCVMN is undergoing a logo and brand identity transformation to make a powerful statement. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, its mission is to ensure the availability of high-quality vaccines in emerging countries, ultimately protecting people's health worldwide.

Brand Strategy: The primary goal is to effectively communicate DCVMN's role in protecting people in a simple and approachable manner. The project aims to convey the perfect combination of protection, collaboration, and innovation, encapsulating DCVMN's essence in a single phrase.

Brand Platform

Why do I exist? (Purpose)
The brand purpose of DCVMN is to ensure the availability of high-quality vaccines in developing countries, safeguarding people's health worldwide.

How do I behave? (Personality)
Reliable, responsible, and innovative.
Collaborative approach, driving positive change.
Responsive, customer-focused and adaptable.

What do I believe? (Values)
1. Commitment to public health and the protection of individuals.
2. Collaboration and partnership to drive innovation and growth.
3. Quality and excellence in vaccine production.
4. Social and environmental responsibility.
5. Focus on equity and accessibility of vaccines in developing countries.

What do I deliver? (Positioning)
DCVMN works to increase the availability of high-quality vaccines in developing countries, safeguarding the health of people worldwide.

Tone of Voice
Modern, neutral, simple, and direct.

We innovate, to Protect.
We work together to Protect.
We provide knowledge to Protect.
We develop to Protect.
We support to Protect.
Everything we do is to protect.
DCVMN. We Connect to Protect.

Branding Direction  Diego Mourão
Brand Strategy
 Diego Mourão
Logo Design and Art Direction 
 Diego Mourão & Felipe Soares
Case Art Direction
 Klayton Fadul & Alison Almeida
Case Copywriting — Joyce Lima
 Klayton Fadul
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